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100% Guilt-Free Self-Care

Sep 26, 2019

In this episode I will be doing a mini session with Rebecca as she embarks on a huge renovation project in 6 weeks called the One Room Challenge. She’s done two others – her kitchen and her backyard – you can see her unbelievable before and afters in the show notes. Now Rebeca’s taking on a new space and wants...

Sep 19, 2019

This week I’m here to talk about my weekend self care. I figured out a formula of three things I need every weekend in order to feel refreshed and ready for the next week.

  • Prep
  • Restore and Rest
  • Fun

Show notes:

Sep 13, 2019

My non-negotiable morning self-care: 

  • Reflection 
  • Attention  
  • Intention 
  • Contribution
  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Breakfast and tea 
  • Morning Miles

Show notes:

Sep 5, 2019

Why am I interested in the topic of this book? Knowing myself and how I react to outer accountability has helped me build habits that work with my natural tendency rather than against it.. This has also helped me help my clients build the habits they seek.

How much did I already know about the book before I started it?...